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We feature some articles related to Dominican Mamajuana, the renowned herbal and botanical mixture that is used to make a tonic that is reputed to re-invigorate the flagging spirit at the times you need it most. Indeed there are those, speaking from experience, who claim it is probably the most effective natural aphrodisiac around today!

We periodically update our Mamajuana information pages so please do come back and visit us again. More importantly, perhaps, if you are simply trying to find how to buy Mamajuana online — Look no further than our ‘Shop Window’ and choose just what you need right now!

(Please note — whilst the site is being ‘renovated’ we are linking to the products sold via our sister site at Visiting-the-Dominican-Republic.com — Our own shop where you will be able to buy MamaJuana, as well as other related items, will be re-opening soon, so please check back!)

Juan-Jo Zapallo
“El Calabacin Grande”

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Welcome to Real MamaJuana Blog

Yes RealMamaJuana.com Blog is ‘starting over’!

We lost our last blog when the site was updated and we have not managed to get all the pages back yet so we will be adding new items here about genuine Dominican Republic MamaJuana as we go along!

MamaJuana is still created by ‘artisans’ who have had the recipe handed down as a secret of their family over many generations. Local recipes for MamaJuana herbal concoctions may vary — and every MamaJuana maker claims that theirs is the best! Naturally! The only way for consumers to find out, of course, is to try them all 😀 Continue reading