Real Dominican Mamajuana



The secret blend of herbs that forms the basis of the Dominican Mamajuana recipe, and the variety of Mamajuana liqueurs that can be brewed from them – hold a very special place in the folklore and culture of the Dominican Republic. Whilst there are many traditional stories and “old wives’ tales” about the efficacy and application of Mamajuana for a wide variety of ailments we would like to point out that www.RealMamaJuana.com makes NO CLAIMS whatsoever for there being any specific medicinal benefits to be gained from consumption of this famous folk-remedy.

There has never been, as far as we know, any reliable or extensive medical research to assess any claims that have ever been made for this product. Although the stories relating to Mamajuana derive from many years of Dominican tradition. We feature this item on this web site as an genuine example of one of the most traditional of Dominican cultural ‘novelties’. Almost everyone who has ever visited the Dominican Republic will have been introduced to Mamajuana – and having been asked so often where to buy Mamajuana, we offer the opportunity here for people to obtain a ‘memento’ of their sun-drenched Caribbean vacation, if they so wish.

We also remind anyone who purchases Mamajuana herbals for the purpose of brewing their own Mamajuana liqueur using any typical Dominican Mamajuana recipe (which will most likely include one, or more, types of alcohol-based ingredient) that they should consume the resulting liquor responsibly, in moderation and in accordance with any current advice provided by their national/local medical advisory body in relation to safe levels of alcohol intake.

If you require comprehensive recipe guidelines and more details about the traditional beliefs about the efficacy of Dominican Mamajuana please see our recommended publication “Secrets of Mamajuana Revealed” detailed below, and on our HOME PAGE


The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed
Our recommended detailed eBook outlining the history and mystery of real Dominican Republic Mamajuana – the herbal concotion, and the drink derived from it that is also referred to as “Liquid Viagra” by those who have discovered its potent fortifying effects!! In this eBook the powerful ingredients of traditional Mamajuana are ‘exposed’ and their medicinal and fortifying properties discussed.

“The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed” also provides detailed descriptions for the methods of brewing your own Mamajuana liquor at home and obtaining the many tonic benefits whenever you “need” them! Life may never be the same again 😉


My favorite site all about the wonderful Dominican Republic itself – and well worth a long, lingering visit (while you’re waiting for the effects of the Mamajuana to wear off perhaps ;D)