Facts About MamaJuana

Some Facts About Mamajuana

Mamajuana as a tonic or cure all has been known for thousands of years. Here are a few facts about this fascinating and mysterious herbal concoction and liqueur:

  • Mamajuana recipes have been handed down by word of mouth for generations from a far back as the Taino civilizations that inhabited Quisqueya (as they called Santo Domingo – the Island that now hosts the Dominican Repblic and Haiti) prior to the Spanish arrival.
  • Mamajuana is still made today by small family concerns in the Dominican Republic who know thw secret places to gather the right herbs, roots, bark and other botanical constituents
  • Mamajuana is currently the subject of ongoing reserach and the various ‘typical’ plant and herbal ingredinets have alreday been shown to provide a surprising range of potential health benefits and curative properties.
  • Mamajuana is claimed to have potential effects similar to ‘viagra’ and this is the particular ‘benefit’ it has become renowned for. However it has a much more varied history as a wide ranging cure-all providing relief from colds and flu, through to numerous other ailments specific to both men and women – dependent on the actual ‘secret ingredients’ incorporated in any recipe.
  • No claims can be made as to the medical or curatve properties that Mamajuana may or may not offer thanks to the influence of bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (US) and the impact of the Codex Alimentarius (Germany). Although this does not change the fact that there are countless examples of anecdotal evidence of its effect.
  • Recently Mamajuana has been ‘abused’ by marketing men launching so called energy drinks – that do not use original recipes or ingredients and have little to do with Real Mamajuana other than exploiting its name and supposed reputation.


The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed
Our own detailed eBook outlining the history and mystery of real Dominican Republic Mamajuana – the herbal concotion, and the drink derived from it that is also referred to as “Liquid Viagra” by those who have discovered its potent fortifying effects!! In this eBook the powerful ingredients of traditional Mamajuana are ‘exposed’ and their medicinal and fortifying properties discussed.

“The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed” also provides detailed descriptions for the methods of brewing your own Mamajuana liquor at home and obtaining the many tonic benefits whenever you “need” them! Life may never be the same again 😉

Real Dominican Mamajuana

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