History of MamaJuana

The History of Mamajuana


The history of MamaJuana dates back maybe 1000 years, or even more. Recipes were based on the collected herbs, roots, bark and plants that grew wild in the tropical forests of Quisqueya, the native name for the island that became known as Hispaniola and later santo Domingo.

The original mamajuana drink was a type of herbal tea, formulated by the Taino Indians. The Tainos are belived to have originated from Central and/ or South America and they established a peceful and cooperative society on the Island. Their stable society was shattered by the arrival of Columbus and the Conquistadores who initially befriended them then effectively enslaved or slaughtered them until they were almost wiped-out.

Taino culture however did not entirely die. Even today there are a few families in the Dominican Republic who can claim Taino roots and amongst these families (and a handful of others) there are those who hold the secrets to the MamaJuana recipe.

Mamajuana was originally used as a kind of Vitality drink and a cure-all that had suposedly wide ranging powers to alleviate the symptoms of many ailments.

Indeed it has been shown in recent times that some of the numerous unique ingredients incorportaed into the MamaJuana botanical mixture have considerable and varied potential as medicaments. Such was the wisdom of the ancient Tainos.

For many years during the last century MamaJuana remained an ‘underground’ product but in recent happier times in the Dominican Republic it has become a popular and iconic item for holiday-makers and visitors. Few who visit the DR will not have been introduced to MamaJuana with a sly wink and nod from the bar-tender!

Today’s recently marketed MamaJuana ‘energy’ drinks are a far cry from the ‘real thing’. Indeed their only passing resemblance to real Mamajuana, and MamaJuana liqueurs made in the traditional way, is that they have ‘appropriated’ the name and try to make some claims based on the history of MamaJuana but without any substantiation.

However there are still sources that can supply real Mamajuana herbs – the blend of exotic wild crafted plant stems, tree and shrub barks, leaves and roots native to the Dominican Republic, and the ONLY place in the world from which REAL MamaJuna can be obtained.

Typical of the 21st century perhaps, along with its popular preoccupations, brewed MamaJuana liquor has acquired a particular reputation for a certain ‘stimulating’ effect that applies to both men and women. Dominicans refer to Mamajuana as the “Baby Maker” and also “el para palo”, which literally means “for the stick” (we leave it to you to envisage the meaning and symbolism of the ‘stick’ in this case!).

They still say: “Whatever tortures you – Mamajuana takes care of it” and the scientific world is only beginning to scrape the surface of the potential health impact and medicinal properties displayed by the constituents of MamaJuana.

Whilst always urging sensible consumption if you choose to brew your own alcohol based MamaJuana liquors for those who prefer it there is now onec again a non-alcoholic ‘MamaJuana Tea’ that provides the basis of pleasantly stimulating drink providing an experience closer to the historic mamajuana of a millennium ago!

The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed
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“The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed” also provides detailed descriptions for the methods of brewing your own Mamajuana liquor at home and obtaining the many tonic benefits whenever you “need” them! Life may never be the same again 😉

Real Dominican Mamajuana

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