How to Make MamaJuana

How to Make Mamajuana

Brewing your own liqueurs and finding out how to make MamaJuana liqueur at home is the best way to be able to experience Mamajuana outside of the Dominican Republic.

Whilst it is often difficlt to transport alcoholic liquor between countries it is more feasible to take a sealed bottle of herbal consitituents and then once back home gather the necessary ‘additional’ alcoholic ingredients to create your own brew of MamaJuana.

There are several stages to go through in order to achieve best results and to some they may seem rather extravagant if you decide to take the time-honoured advice of throwing away the first batch of liquor in which the roots, leaves and bark ahve been steeped. This advice is occasioned by the fact that the initial steepings can be quite strong and bitter flovoured…But this problem subsides with second and supplementary brewings.

One good point about buying real mamajuana herbs and botanicals is that they can be used numerous times to produce satisfactory results before the ‘poer’ of the natural ingredients wanes. The resulting batches of MamaJuana liqueur tends to become softer and some say more palatable.

Full guidelines for how to make MamaJuana liqueurs at home using the herbal and plant derivatives are provided in the eBook “Secrets of Dominican MamaJuana Revealed” the link to which is provided below. But it should not be overlooked how to make MamaJuana in probably the simplest way by brewing a ‘stirring’ pot of MamaJuana tea much like the original MamaJuana tonic drink consumed by the ancient Tainos.

The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed
Our own detailed eBook outlining the history and mystery of real Dominican Republic Mamajuana – the herbal concotion, and the drink derived from it that is also referred to as “Liquid Viagra” by those who have discovered its potent fortifying effects!! In this eBook the powerful ingredients of traditional Mamajuana are ‘exposed’ and their medicinal and fortifying properties discussed.

“The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed” also provides detailed descriptions for the methods of brewing your own Mamajuana liquor at home and obtaining the many tonic benefits whenever you “need” them! Life may never be the same again 😉

Real Dominican Mamajuana

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