Medicinal Uses of MamaJuana

The Claimed Medicinal Uses of Mamajuana


Medicinal uses of Mamajuana: Although no ‘official’ claims can be made for the efficacy of Mamajuana it is interestingly emerging that the combination of ingredients in the Mamajuana herbal and botanical mixture hold some surprising powerful medical properties.

Some of these properties have been known about for some time due to the fact that the better known spice and herbs often used in Mamajauna recipes have received some scientific investigation. The other major consituents of the Mamajuana liquor should also not be oevrlooked for their well-known nutritive or beneficial effects. For example:

Cinnamon / Canela: Effects on blood sugar – positive impact on diabetic conditions

Cloves: Well known for its pain killing properties and also acts as an anti-microbial

Honey: Highly regarded for its properties over many years – some honeys also have great healing powers. Howvere typical ordibary farmed honey, whilst less potentially ‘beneficial’ in any other ways is a source of energy providing sugars that are usefully utilsed during any athletic pursuit.

Rum /Alcohol: Whilst alcohol can obviously become a problem when abused, and is classified as a ‘depressant’ (so can even lead to feelings of depression in pre-disposed individuals) what this means for most people is that it can act as a relaxant. This can be reflected in relaxed inhibitions, and also in reduced-stress that might otherwise interfere with other physical activities that are subject negative impact by the influence of emotional stress.

Red wine: Another source of alcohol, of course – but red wine itself also contains plant (frape akin) derivatives that are now credited with numerous possible health benefits. The antho-vyanins (natural components of red grape skin colors) are powerful anti-oxidants that can help to reduce levels of potentially harmful free-radicals. Some reserach has suggested that a glass of red wine a day could have benefits for heart-health – although this must be balance with any possibly harmful effects of consuming too much alcohol.

Other ‘unique’ or ‘rarer’ botanical ingedients:

  • Anamú
  • Bohuco
  • Brasil
  • Canelilla
  • Caro
  • Marabeli
  • Clavo Dulce
  • Hoja de Maguey
    More details about these to come soon (or see the ebook available below)


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