What is MamaJuana?

What is Mamajuana?

Mama Juana is the name of a dried herbs and botanical mixture that is used to produce a liquor through the process of steeping the mix of plant derivatives Dominican rum, red wine and honey.

The flavour of Mamajuana Liquor, some say, is quite similar to port wine and the color is also deep red, thanks to the use of the red wine, dark rum and the infusion of color from the herbs and botanical ingredients.

MamaJuana liquor is often promoted as an aphrodisiac – or ‘sexual stimulant’. Many natives of the Dominican Republic claim that the drink has similar effects to the infamous pharmaceutical drug – Viagra. Naturally these claims have not as yet been scinetifically validated which means that no legitimate claims may be made for the product. The only evidence as to Mamajuana’s supposed properties comes from the many thousands of ‘satisfied’ users. leaving potential purchasers to make the final judgement for themselves.

Mama Juana is peculiar to the Dominican Republic and the botanical ingredients – made from a collation of locally available, hand-collected leaves, sticks and roots – varies from region to region. Each region naturally claims their own recipe has the greater potential properties.

The actual balance and quantities of ingredients are closely secrets. Recipes have often been handed down for many generations and may even date back thousands of years to era of the precociously advanced native Tainos, inhabitants of the island at the time that Christopher Columbus arrived and, along with other Spanish usurpers, bloodily stole their lands from them.


The Secrets of Dominican Mamajuana Revealed
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Real Dominican Mamajuana

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